Looking for KA825 (VAX-8250/8350) CPU Card T1001-YA

From: Bob Armstrong <bob_at_jfcl.com>
Date: Thu Jan 20 18:52:31 2005

  The good news is that I recently acquired a VAX 8350 in good condition
along with a back plane full of cards. The bad news is that, despite all
the cards in there, the previous owner had removed the CPU cards (both of
'em, this being a dual processor machine!).

  Does anybody have a KA825, T1001-YA cpu card that they'd be willing
to give away, sell, or trade for other VAXBI cards? One CPU's enough
(I'll settle for an 8250!).

Bob Armstrong
Received on Thu Jan 20 2005 - 18:52:31 GMT

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