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From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Fri Jan 21 15:21:47 2005

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, steven wrote:

> Holy cow, what is it?!?
> (The 'helper', not the computer...)

That's Molly. Somehow Dart isn't in the picture.

Molly is an alpha female, so she has to be in charge all the time.
Very stressful. But she's great on roadtrips, pops her head up
when she hears the turn signals, etc and was appropriately awed by
the view coming down the hill (I5 N) to Grapevine, into the big
valley. She occasionally goes with me to surplus, is very skilled
at staying out of trouble. We don't think of it, but old stuff has
incredible and exotic smell history, a whole dog world invisible
to us.

She will go through every box, manual, cabinet and PC board of the
NOVA4 with me. She insists, everything must be sniffed, knowingly
and carefully (and quite seriously).

Oh 'what'. Peruvian Hairless Dog. She a rescued dog. Invisible
Dart is a Xoloitzquintli, but .25 P.H.D.
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