Anyone TTY-Smart In Maryland? (Or Seattle?)

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 21:41:32 2005

I may have a favor to ask. :) I may have found an ASR-33 Teletype in
Maryland that I can actually afford. Problem is, I'm in Seattle and it's a
"come pick it up" situation. (It's in or near Laurel, Maryland.)

If I end up buy it, is there someone in that area who'd be willing - for,
say, $100 plus the expenses of packing and shipping - to pick this up,
make it safe for shipping, pack it up and ship it off to Seattle?

(Conversely, is there someone in Seattle who wants to sell me a nice
ASR-33 for about $275? It'd certainly be easier for me to pick up. <g>)

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