The DFWCUG DEc collection up for sale

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Date: Sat Jan 22 10:57:15 2005

> > :
> > "The entire collection is offered as a single lot."

> Doesn't seem a particularly bright decision, mixin
> $5 stuff with $5000 piece(s).

Getting best price isn't always the goal. Preserving the
collection intact can be a perfectly valid goal to the current
caretaker, even if you (or I) don't see the thread tying it all

Actually I do see the thread tying it all together, John Wisniewski
gathered it all.

And the $5 vs $5000 thing is a red herring, while on E-bay there
is a high correlation between "collectability" and price at any given
moment, the items that end up being historically interesting may well
be the $5 ones!

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