X11R3 and XListPixmapFormats equivalent?

From: shoppa_classiccmp_at_trailing-edge.com <(shoppa_classiccmp_at_trailing-edge.com)>
Date: Sun Jan 23 07:43:30 2005

> I'm trying to get xearth to compile on this 'ere Tek XD88, which only
> has X11 release 3 - xearth uses a few odds and ends which only showed up
> in R4.

I believe that they are fundamental to xearth. Before X11R4 it was
impossible to do xearth (that is, a circular window on the underlying

Did you ever settle the partitioning scheme used on your XD88? While
others were offering suggestions for reading various styles of
partition maps, I was of the opinion that the partition map was part
of the kernel...

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