My NOVA4 shrunk!

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Mon Jan 24 14:44:55 2005

I cut it down to one rack. Only one tape drive, but I don't think
this thing will be doing any large sorts in it's future.

The Dasher LP2 powers up, but gets angry when it fails to detect
the carriage has in fact reached the left-most position; FAULT.
Probably the optical sensor isn't, anymore. Pressing TEST makes
BEEP and carriage motion right, same angry beeping and FAULT.

Got all the manuals inventoried, they're listed on the website.

I'm going to power it up relatively soon. Piecemeal and carefully
of course, but without a lot of fanfare.

Bruce Ray will have right-of-first-refusal on anything, but I will
shortly have a bunch of things available for free or trade:

* two racks, one with sides
* big analog I/O system with docs and software
* DG expansion chassis
* 6023 tape drive with complete docs
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