Data I/O 29B help

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Jan 24 20:25:50 2005

Hi, Jay,

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On 24-Jan-05 at 17:57 Jay West wrote:

>I've got a Data I/O 29b with Unipak2 that is on the fritz. I thought it
>working, but it's not.
>It frequently reads chips right, then 60 seconds later reads different
>values with different checksums. It's sporadic. It never gives any failure
>messages (other than bad verify ram to device). It just doesn't get the
>right values sometimes.


        The most common problems with these units are, like many older computers, dirty or oxidizing contacts. I would recommend disassembly, cleaning, and anti-corrosion treatment (Caig's 'GoldGuard,' 'DeOxIt,' etc.) of the edge card paddles and, if need be, the edge connectors. This should be done for the UniPak as well as the base unit.

        You should also check the power supply voltages for ripple and stability.

        Happy digging.

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