Data I/O progress... another question

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 08:44:04 2005

My Data I/O 29B seems much more happy. All tin contacts cleaned with deoxit
and all gold contacts cleaned with progold. Reseated all the chips (some
were loose) and it appears to work fine for reading anyway. I'll check the
power supply and calibration then try to program a chip.

My current issue du jour is with Promlink. I can use version 3.4 just fine.
I want to use version 6.10 though, MUCH easier on the eyes. However, any
time I try 6.10 (with the high speed cpu patch), it chokes on "error sending
Device Identification enable/disable command, is this a 29B unipak?"

I thought my unipak was a model 2. It's not, it's just a straight unipak. I
believe the device id feature is present on unipak 2 and 2b, and not present
in just a unipak. From what I can tell, promlink v6.10 insists that the
device identification feature be turned on. There is a setting to disable
device ID checking in promlink, but either that setting doesn't work at all,
or, it tries to send a disable device id command to the 29B, which won't
understand it with a unipak, hence the error.

Any known way around this? My 29B is firmware v 06 if that helps.


Jay West
Received on Wed Jan 26 2005 - 08:44:04 GMT

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