Is this an 1802 development system?

From: Mike <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 09:41:59 2005

From: Eric Smith <>

> > RCA-labelled microcomputer labelled "COSMAC"
> > Screen and keyboard:
> > Dual floppy drives:
> That's the terminal and floppy drives, but neiher of those is
> the actual development system.

well it *is* the/an actual development system when the complement of cards
are installed. True, there is an 1802 run console in there too but so is
the card cage. It boots into a monitor and and would run CDOS ( if I could
ever find it.) and MOPS( i think) for ICEing another 1802 system through the
micromonitor calculator pad.

> I passed up a chance to buy a complete COSMAC development system
> (well, not including the terminal) at Weird Stuff fifteen years
> ago. At the time I thought the $200 price was unreasonable.
> Oh well.

Sounds like maybe the C.D.S III (the previous version #007) Development
System. Was it a mostly rackmounted card cage?

- Mike
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