computer junks for shipping cost (mostly PC related)

From: 9000 VAX <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 12:53:10 2005

Well, I received Chad Fernandez' box of pc leftovers. After taking out
what I need and adding in what I don't, here is the stuff that is free
to go. (ship from ohio)

--pentium 133, IBM 6x86MX PR300
--IBM PCDOS7, windows 3.1, Caldera DRDOS 7.02
--around 15 pieces of HP DVD+R bland disks (my DVDRW has trouble to
write this brand, thus distroyed 10 of the 25 pack, but your drive
might not)
--a point and shot APS camera ($3 from yardsale)
--CNet 10M/100M hub (the small fan inside became noisy, you might
replace it. looks like the CPU fans of the 486 era)
--all kinds of fans, 6 of them (some look like NOS)
--a pile of floppy cables
--11Mbps wireless lan PCMCIA card
--AUI to RJ45 converter (you need this for your vax)
--a xilinx student edition of fundation 1.3
--PC bay covers, slot covers, drive rails.
--an EPSON MX-100 III printer (I bought it with $3 to print the
tango/protel DOS version schmatics)

Let me know if you are interested. I am willing to break the pile into
two. One is the printer, the other is the rest. I am also willing to
trash the rails, slot covers, bay covers, floppy cables, the xilinx,
to drop the weight. The rest must go as a whole. Thank you. I will use
UPS ground or fedex ground. If no one takes them, their destination is

vax, 9000
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