Computer Products Inc analog data wide-range analog I/O -- free

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 13:43:54 2005

I will eventually post it to VCF website, but if anyone wants this
it's FREE, you come get. I will NOT ship this item. It doesn't
seem to have great value so it will eventually become landfill if
no one claims it.

It comes complete, in excellent condition, with manuals,
schematics, programmers reference, cables, connectors, and even
drivers for Data General NOVA machines (via thr 4300).

It contains a 240 channel (two hundred forty!) analog input -- a
big MUX. Some amplification. Nice power supply, nice card cage,
lots of (probably Hg wetted) small-signal relays.

Made in the mid 1980's.

I find no google hits, and unfortunately the manufacturer name is
too generic ("Computer Products Inc" yeah right).

There's enough documentation to probably hook it up to anything.
This is a rugged A/D subsystem that was wired to some smokestack
in an oilfield, so it's not delicate (electrically). Not
extraordinarily large or heavy, I'd estimate 50 lbs.
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