IBM 029 card punch

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 17:21:53 2005

Christian wrote:
> I have here three IBM 029 card punches, two model A and one model C (with
> interpreter) including documentation. So far so good. I do have an
> additional 029 (I *think*) without covers which I would like to restore.
> The problem is that it is "a bit" different from the other three punches
> and I would like to know what model this is and if anyone has the
> maintenance manual for it.
> The mechanical part is almost the same as in the A and C models, but the
> keyboard has two lights, one at each side. I know that the light on the
> left side is an indicator for the verifier, but the one on the right side
> is unknown to me.

Maybe it is a Type 129, rather than 029? I haven't seen a 129 up close
in many years, so I couldn't tell you the differences in detail, but
it does have more SMS cards, etc.
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