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From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Tue Jan 25 08:54:24 2005

Yes, that's the one. The system uses Storage Tube technolgy which allow the
system to use vector graphics in overlays up build up a pretty complex drawing
on 32K of memory. The storage tube retains the image with virtually no refresh
and allows a succession of plots to be "overlayed" to build up an image, This
was pretty advanced stuff in 1976.

This unit I got yesterday even has a rs232 interface that allow to be used as
a terminal and has the extra full complement of 32K of mem.

I spent last nite playing with it and improving a digital mapping and plotting
program I wrote on it about 28 years ago...



Ethan Dicks wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 06:05:19 -0700, Tom Ponsford <> wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>Well, today's auction haul includes:
>>A Dec MV 3800 w/qbus scsi card (he-he)
> Sweet!
>>A functioning Tektronix 4051 Graphics system w/Data Communication Interface.
>>(circa 1976)
> Isn't that the system they did the vector graphics for "Battlestar
> Galactica" on? (special effects/combat tactical screens, mostly)
> -ethan

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