Dealings with Bert Thomas and SunParts Was : Re: Beware: dealings with Bert Thomas

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 04:46:41 2005

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> > Today is a sad one, as I had to part with someone I considered a friend,
> > a new collector, and recent addition to the CCtalk community.
> Why not just go over with a van and collect it, possibly with a couple
> of "assistants"?

Ah, you mean those guys with hairy chests, arms reaching for the pavement,

While we looking at the "less then honest" subject, has anyone of you had
bad experiences with SunParts on eBay ?
I won an auction for a Mammoth drive, paid up, but it never arrived. They
were also not very helpful (to say the least) to supply tracking information
I sent about 10 e-mails, but only 2 were very answered, and contained only
texts like "has been sent, should arrived shortly"
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