John McCance / DEC Collection

From: Hugh Graham <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 09:14:25 2005

Dear vax enthusiasts,

Some time ago John McCance donated a delqa card to me, and I
responded with a thank you letter.

Sadly, last week I received an email from John's sister, to inform
me that John had died of a heart attack while helping his landlady
deal with a basement flooded by the remains of Hurricane Charlie.
She'd found my letter while going through his things.

As John was an occasional participant on these lists I felt you
should be informed of his passing, but there is a second reason
for this posting. His family isn't sure how to handle the
disposition of his collection of older computer hardware and

>From the inventory they've compiled there appear to be several
each of vt320 and vt420s, a large number of keyboards, a vax 4000
300, a vaxstation 4000, a strongbox of vms licenses, and many
manuals, cdroms, etc. I also understand from my correspondence
with John that there is a qbus scsi card of some sort, but this
isn't a treasure hunt.

The family would like to put any money the collection is worth
towards his final expenses, or at least save hardware that John
cared about from the dump.

I am in Vancouver, but if one or more of you is near Cambridge,
Ohio, and can commit to taking the bulk of the collection, you
may contact me to work out specifics and put you in touch with
the family.

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