Altair8800 'kit' - can you identify this stuff?

From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 13:18:22 2005

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From: "Dwight K. Elvey" <>
> >From: "William Layer" <>
>>A card marked "Vector 8800V", which is a complete and utter disaster of
> and flying components. I wouldn't let this thing near a running system.
> (seems
> like a generic breadboard card, which has been built into some form of
> custom
> hardware, has a large device marked "Analog Devices 940", and about 12
> other
> chips, plus a pile of discete components)
> I believe the 940 is an amplifier module but I'm not sure. It
> could be a voltage converter as well. They made many discrete
> circuit instrument amplifiers that had especially low offset
> inputs. I would get this was an analog board of some type.
> ---snip---
> It looks like a good project.
> Later
> Dwight

The 8800V is a wire-wrap card and most likely was used for a custom data
acquisition. It may be best to remove and ignore.

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