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Date: Fri Jan 28 01:14:30 2005

Regarding the collection in Monroe:
     I am in the Renton area, and I might be able to get up there and pick up
some stuff & ship, especially if someone would be able to explain little
details (esp. customs) & possibly help chip in for gas (snow in the area might
help, so I could get some X-country in, but I'm not expecting that to be provided
by you). I would be interested in a 3/80 and possibly one of the Apples.

Thread 2: A request for Deskpro 386/20e information was posted. I have docs &
disks for a Deskpro 386/25 if they would be helpful (scans & dds delivered
over E-mail). Some of the docs are messed up (I think they talk about ESDI
disks, when the machine has IDE).

Thread 3: CremeVAX is working! a little flakiness still, but it seems to have
been a slightly bent pin on the KA-43 SCSI connector that shorted out only
when the plug was inserted. I'm in the process of grafting on a HD-50 external
SCSI connector based on the pinouts from the DEC68-centronics50 interface cable
that I found online. I'm trying to figure a hack for attaching the disks to
the midplane shelf that doesn't involve drilling mounting holes now (it didn't
come with the bosses that fit in the slots)

I'm working on scans of the XENIX docs- does anyone have tips on how to
format them? my school has an ADF ScanJet (fortunately), but I don't know where to
go from there.

I have some stuff that I'm cleaning out:
A Wyse-150 terminal. The battery died (a lithium coin-type by the looks), but
it still works (hit space to clear the error beeps on powerup, or put in
a new batt.) With AT type keyboard
Microsoft InPort bus mouse with 8-bit ISA controller.
Novell NetWare 2.2 5-user serialized with manuals, works on 286 -> 486
machines, maybe 586.
Compaq ProLiant drive tray (Ultra-Wide SCSI, for SCA 1/3 ht drives)
Sun SPUD-II 1/2 ht drive sled
Okidata Microline 24 pin printhead, carriage, narrow-format gear rack, RS-232
interface & tractor
IBM buttons and dials
IBM RS/6000 7030-3CT parts (most of it, it came with my 370)
Dell Latitude mini-dock

SGI Indigo2 IMPACT R4k/250 32/[drive died]/Solid IMPACT
Sun SPARCstation 5/110 128/2g/TGX with either SunOS 4.1.3_U1 or Solaris 2.6

More will come out later, this is just a start. I'm in Western Washington
(State, USA)
Some of the stuff is give-away, some is trade or $.
If anyone should happen to want to trade anything, I'm interesten in (small)
88k AViiON's, DECs, SGI
(especially a CDC-rebadged Indigo)

or DOMAIN/OS 10.4(.1), DG/UX 88k, olde IRIX (3.3-4.0.5), NeXTStep Intel/Sun
(don't have to be original). Other "interesting" things would be considered.

-Scott Quinn
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