ClassicCmp Archives

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 12:36:34 2005

Hi Jay,

I emailed you a while ago, and never got a response so I am just
reposting it here. I've found most of the posts to ClassicCmp going back
to when I joined in 1997 a couple of months (I think) after the list was
started. If you need them, I can send them to you. There are some holes
but not many except for when I lost my email later last year. They run
somewhere around 600 MB.


> 5) Many chunks of the archives have been located on the drive. However, I am
> sure there are holes of missing posts. This really torques me off. Someone
> who did list maintenance before me had moved the defacto copy of the list
> archives into a different spot on the server and I didn't realize they were
> in an area I routinely mess up and later clean up. It's possible I deleted
> them, but in any case I can't find them. Again, many of them have been
> located but not all. After I finish the server drive migration, I will be
> regenning all the html archives from scratch - going against the original
> mbox files. If there's any posts in the archives that you want me to remove
> (from time to time someone posts their home address by mistake, etc etc.)
> now is the time to let me know and I'll clean the archives. After the
> archives are completely reassembled, you can be damn sure I will be copying
> them to DVD and sticking a copy in my vault off-site.
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