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From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 13:00:48 2005

From: "Computer Collector Newsletter" <>
>>>>> who actually _USE_ our classic computers for our day-to-day work
> Do you mean you use a classic computer as your ** primary ** machine, or
> just
> that you happen to use it ** once in a while ** for your current work?
> RE: people who use classic computers as their primary machine, not
> including
> those of you on the list who work for computer museums -- I'm very curious
> how
> many of you exist. And, do you use classic computers by 1.) choice, 2.)
> lack
> of budget, or 3.) technological need (that is, legacy connectivity)...?
> I love my vintage computer collection as much as anyone, or else I
> wouldn't be
> on this list and producing my newsletter, and once in a while it is fun to
> actually use them for modern purposes. Just ask the guy who was startled
> last
> week when I started taking meeting notes an Apple Newton. But in
> day-to-day
> 'real life', I can't fathom using anything other than a modern system
> running
> some equally modern version of Unix or Windows. (It's one thing to
> request the
> PostScript file here in the classiccmp list, but how do you handle it in
> the
> real world, where people may tell you "Sorry, our company only does
> business in
> Microsoft"...?
> For those on the list who like to flame -- please don't -- I am ASKING
> about
> this topic, not preaching my point of view.

There really are people that still use classic computers on a day to day
basis. I have a couple of clients that do.

One lawer uses a 68K Xenix server to archive his legal papers (don't ask me
why it's not about the $).

Another uses some Vax servers to monitor a paper mill, they are changing
over to PC's running Windoze servers. Their software people do not support

For me I just play with my classic systems.

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