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From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 13:11:55 2005

From: "Ashley Carder" <>
> I, too, like my vintage systems as much as the next guy, but lately I've
> been finding
> myself using the HyperTerminal app on my modern Win2K PC as the console
> when I'm doing things on my 1973 PDP-11/40. I can toggle over to the web
> browser while I'm copying RK05 disk packs, cut and paste the output of the
> PDP-11/40 RT11 DIR command into an email on Outlook, and use simh to
> test and run the RL01 disk image that I just sent from the 11/40 to my PC
> via
> the 11/40 console's serial port. I can use the latest version of Adobe
> Acrobat
> Reader to read a PDF version of an ancient PDP-11 manual that I downloaded
> from Al's Bitsavers while I have my 11/40's console sitting there in a
> Window
> on the same computer, while I listen to my MP3 files on the same computer,
> while I have Remote Admin running in another window so I can watch my
> web server, which is 40 miles away!
> When I have visitors and I want them to have the authentic 1970s computing
> experience, I unplug my PC from the 11/40 console cable and connect my
> VT52 DecScope as the console, to go along with the other vintage terminals
> connected via the DZ11 multiplexer.
> So..... my point of view is that I like to use my modern stuff right
> alongside my
> old stuff.
> Ashley

I too find it easier to use hyperterm (S100 systems in my case as my email
address implies).

I wonder what percentage of classic systems insists on real terminals vs.
terminal emulation.

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