Many things

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Date: Fri Jan 28 14:09:18 2005

In his defense... so the guy has a corporate .sig, who doesn't these days? You
just ignore the lawyers and go on with life.

I was wrong to do all that full-message quoting in the first place.

Now, as for why he's doing classiccmp stuff from his corporate email account,
that is what I want to know. Ram: get back to work. :)

--- wrote:

> Rather arrogant comming from someone with a full-page disclaimer.
> It's also rather arrogant when your claim exclusive copyright on the body of
> the message when it clearly contains quoted text from a 3rd party. How
> exactly did this become your "property"?
> Jeff
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> Subject: RE: Many things
> Can you please limit the quoting! There really isnt any need to quote the
> WHOLE thing..

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