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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Fri Jan 28 15:26:48 2005

> RE: people who use classic computers as their primary machine, not
> including those of you on the list who work for computer museums --

That'd be me. Or almost.

My primary house machine is a SS20. I can't recall exactly when the 20
came out. I find some SS20 books on with copyright dates
in 1997 and 1998, but I don't know whether those are originals or
later-revised editions.

I have other central house machines that are definitely classic in the
classiccmp sense of ">10yr old". My house DNS server is a Sun-3/60 and
my house gateway is a SPARCstation IPX, though neither is really "my
primary machine".

> I'm very curious how many of you exist.

Only one of me. Can't say about any others. :-)

> And, do you use classic computers by 1.) choice, 2.) lack of budget,
> or 3.) technological need (that is, legacy connectivity)...?

Mostly 1, with a bit of 2. I do have some non-"classic" machines; for
example, my "fast cpu" box is an Athlon 2600, and I have another that's
a K6-2/500. But the bulk of my collection (90%?) is old stuff.

> (It's one thing to request the PostScript file here in the classiccmp
> list, but how do you handle it in the real world, where people may
> tell you "Sorry, our company only does business in Microsoft"...?

I tell them "then go find someone else". (Actually, I usually don't
even get close enough to such places for the question to arise.)

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