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From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 17:13:58 2005

It was written....
> I too find it easier to use hyperterm (S100 systems in my case as my email
> address implies).
> I wonder what percentage of classic systems insists on real terminals vs.
> terminal emulation.

I use vintage terminals strictly. The most modern I used was a VT220 on an
HP 2000/Access. I later switched to a Televideo 950, and hope very shortly
to use a 264x :) No modern terminals or systems.

If I have to use a modern system related to my old systems, it's at least an
opensource one. I have a PC running FreeBSD dualbooting with Caldera DOS.
This system is used to control my Facit N4000 paper tape reader/punch, M4
9914 tape drive, and Data I/O 29B prom reader/writer. This system is used to
store and copy images of paper tapes, mag tapes, and roms. It doesn't
interface directly with my old systems.

I do have a laptop with XP that I live on, and I used it almost exclusively
for email and web browsing. For programming, it's vandyke's SSH to the
aforementioned unix box :)

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