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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 17:46:08 2005

On Jan 28 2005, 10:47, Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:
> >>>> who actually _USE_ our classic computers for our day-to-day work
> Do you mean you use a classic computer as your ** primary ** machine,
or just
> that you happen to use it ** once in a while ** for your current

Count me in. The machine I use most at home is the SGI Indy I bought
ten years ago. The machine I use most at work is either one of a pair
of SGI O2s on my desk, bought a few years later. The Indy has been
expanded quite a lot, and now handles various services for family and
friends as well as personal use; I use it because it's "nicer" than the
Pentium which is sitting next to it running XP (which crashed and died
horribly yesterday, for the second time in three months. Not bad for a
machine that gets used a few times a week, and has little more than the
OS+Word+Firefox loaded on it). It's also considerably easier for me to
get/write most of the software I want on a real Unix box than on a
Windows one. Also easier to do proper backups (ie ones that can
actually be used to recover the system or parts thereof).

Of course, the PC at home and a similar one at work get used for Word
documents that some people send me, some web pages that older browsers
on the SGI don't handle well, or that newer browsers on the SGI handle
only slowly, so they're the second-most used machines, I suppose. The
third-most used (discounting other SGIs I have) would probably be my
Acorn Archimedes, vintage 1987, one careful owner from new, and still
with a better GUI than Microsoft's.

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