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From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 19:04:47 2005

From: "Vassilis Prevelakis" <>
> "Randy McLaughlin" <> wrote:
>> [...] PostScript is useless in this
>> case since the documents are stored as graphical images and cannot be
>> used
>> on the classic computers.
> What????
> What makes you think that "classic computers" are character based?
> I don't want to start a "my machine supported graphics earlier than
> yours", but as a datapoint, I used a PERQ for my undergrad project in
> the early 80s. Since this was running Unix V7 (or smth close), I am
> sure you can get a postscript viewer running on it (or a tiff viewer
> for that matter), while you'd have no chance in hell of getting
> Acrobat Reader for it.
> Which gives me a nice excuse to repeat my favorite line: I use open
> source software not because it is free, but because I get to keep the
> code (so I do not depend on the code author to port the software to
> newer/different/stranger platforms).
> **vp

Works out great since there are open source PDF viewers ;-)

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