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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 19:09:04 2005

> Define "non-Classic", after all by this lists definition of "Classic" you'll
> be able to run Windows 95 in a year. If you're limiting yourself to your
> VAXen and the like, the time is going to come when you won't be able to get
> Hard Drives to replace dead ones.

Should it ever come to that -- that is that I can't get the parts to
_repair_ the hard drives (note : I would certainly consider making a
'clean box' to work on the inside of the HDA if necessary), then I would
grab the soldering iron, raid the junk box, and design an interface to a
more modern storage device. Heck, I've seen flash memory cards with more
storage than the hard drives in most of my machines....

> Or perhaps it shows how you are limiting yourself. Many of the things that
> I use a computer for are either not practical, or just plain impossible on

It depends on what you want to do, I guess. I have no interest -- at all
-- in digital audio or video processing. I will only _consider_ buying a
digital camera when the results available are better than those from my
currnet film-based cameras (which, considering I have a number of
large-format sheet film cameras, won't be for some time!). For the
applications I use a computer for (text processing, programming,
supporting my classics by doing automatic testing, EPROM dumping,
assembling/disassembly binary programs, etc) a classic computer does all
I need!

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