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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 23:49:21 2005

>For a time I was using my SS10SX as my main system. Dual cgfourteen
>framebuffers and big Sun monitors running X in a xinorama mode. It's a
>really nice machine. It's perhaps time to find a faster CPU for it and
>set it up again.

How about getting something like a Sun Ultra 60 with 2GB RAM, dual
450Mhz CPU's, and dual Creator3d framebuffers? Or perhaps a Sun
Ultra 80 with Quad 450Mhz CPU's?

I'm finally getting my Sun Ultra 60 up and running, though I've only
got dual 300Mhz CPU's and a single Creator3d (though I could add the
2D version if I had a second monitor). I'm finding it surprisingly
snappy (and I'm writing this on a dual 2Ghz G5), though I do want to
replace the 300Mhz CPU's with 450Mhz CPU's (or a U80 with 4x450Mhz).
I'm surprised by how well Firefox functions on the system. My only
complaint is that I've been unable to run the Creator3d card in
1600x1200x60 on my Monitor (I've applied the patch so it can run in
that mode), but it won't work right with my Samsung 213T. I'd also
like to eventually add Gigabit Ethernet and a faster Disk controller.
If I didn't have the G5, this probably would be my main system. In
any case, it will probably be my main Sun for the next few years.

Another *very* nice Unix Workstation that is getting quite cheap
these days are the dual 300Mhz SGI Octane's. The only SGI systems I
have are my two O2's. I love my R12000/270Mhz! The only downside to
SGI systems are that it's a lot harder to get software for them than
it is for a Sun.


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