NTSC test pattern generator on VCD?

From: Charles E. Fox <foxvideo_at_wincom.net>
Date: Sat Jan 29 05:34:39 2005

At 11:00 PM 1/28/2005, you wrote:
>I was tweaking the knobs on a Panasonic "Color Video Monitor"
>(NTSC/"VTR input" version of a Panasonic 19" TV marketed to the AV
>crowd, not the home consumer), and I realized that since I don't have
>any genuine TV diagnostic tools, but I do have modern things like a
>DVD player that can play CDs, etc, wouldn't it be handy to have a VCD
>of color bars, etc., as a reference to adjust composite-input devices?
> Now I wouldn't mind a real colorbar generator, but a
>algorithmically-generated MPEG would be adequate for non-broadcast
>use, surely.
>Does anyone know of the existence of such a thing? Theoretically, one
>could perhaps generate a "proper" still image from a program like
>GIMP/Paint/Photoshop, etc... then use a movie tool to generate
>'frames' from it, then make an MPEG to play the image as long as one
>would like (a VCD or SVCD is around 45 min on a CD-R blank) -
>presto... el-cheapo color bars.
>Also, if there is another technique to do this (without having to have
>a live, NTSC-emitting classic computer generating it real-time), I'm
>all ears. I don't technically mind having to fire up a C-64 to pump
>out colors, but, that one, in particular, may or may not have pure
>enough colors to do the job properly. Even an Atari 800 might not be
>close enough, but at least it has a larger palette. I'd rather just
>use a dedicated device that doesn't have to rely on a custom program
>in ROM or on a disk, such as this Apex 1100-W DVD player, a handy
>dictionary-sized box that just displays a picture when you throw in a
>disc. Technically speaking, though, since this device also plays JPG
>picture discs, I could burn a disc with one file, a JPG of color
>bars... that might not be too hard to find.
>As for the specific idea of building an MPG of color bars, thanks for
>any tips and pointers,

         I can send you a jpg of split field ntsc bars if this would help.
If you want to spend a couple of hundred dollars I can recommend the Horita
TSG50, which generates good quality video test signals, including bars.


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