Help to ID Emulex board

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Jan 29 14:37:38 2005

On Jan 29 2005, 10:05, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> What is this board?
> Made by Emulex. Has ASSY# SU0210401. ROM on board says
"SC0210201-AXC W/
> Boot Strap".
> Has on top two 26-pin connectors and one 60-pin.

Emulex SC02 controller for two SMD drives. I think the "SU" means
Unibus, but I can't remember. It could be an SC02/A, SC02/C, or some
other version. The ROMs determine which version; the different
versions make the drives appear as different types: RK06/06, RM02/03,
MSCP, ...

And your one has (or had) the bootstrap ROM (a small TTL PROM, IIRC).

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