Using an IBM PCjr wireless keyboard

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Jan 29 17:36:53 2005

> All:
> I'm working on another side project, a Mini-ITX conversion of a
> non-working PCjr system. I don't have a keyboard for it, but I can choose
> from wired or wireless PCjr or standard keyboards. For the wireless PCjr
> keyboard, I don't have the thingey that would connect to the PC.
> Has anyone ever tried to use the PCjr wireless keyboard on a modern
> system? Any recommentations?

Be warned that the PCjr keyboard protocol is nothing like that of other
PC keyboards. The IR receiver in the PCjr is a simple, dumb device (the
schematic is in the TechRef) which feeds the signal into one of the 8255
lines and, IIRC, the NMI input of the 8088. I can find details of the
encoding if you want.

But I think it would certainly take a microcontroller to link it to a
normal PC keyboard port.

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