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From: William Layer <>
Date: Sat Jan 29 18:39:26 2005

Chiming in...

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 19:43:51 +0000
Jules Richardson <> wrote:

> Forget about xpdf too - several seconds for each page render on a modern
> PC compared to instant for Acrobat.

Yes, performance on Acrobat Reader is much better than xpdf.. I wait around 10 seconds to render a page of .pdf (graphics) on my day-to-day machine, which is a AMD K6-2/300 box running Slackware.

That said, I would never suggest that anyone install Acrobat Reader, due to its EULA. Have you ever read that EULA? Unless this has changed dramatically, you are basically "agreeing" that all your base are belong to Adobe. They have permission to come in and audit your system for software content, presumably to prevent piracy of their works, but who the heck knows.

Nothing is free, not even Willy. He was made up. ;-)

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