classiccmp server upgrade

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sat Jan 29 20:48:16 2005

It did not go well.

One of the screws in the boot drive removable tray stripped out. That taught
me to always check the torque setting on the screwdriver. I had to go back
home to get a GraBit and dig it out.

When I got back to the datacenter... I found that the new disk controller
for some reason absolutely refuses to work at all in the classiccmp
motherboard. No clue why - tested it in other machines and it works fine.
Just not in the classiccmp server.

This puts me in the fun position of having a perfectly functioning system
sans drives, and weeks of work (data) on a set of drives - neither of which
can be connected together.

The only thing I can think of is a new M/B but I really don't want to do
that. I'll call escalade/3ware on monday. Wasted day. Everything was finally
put back the way it was. I'll keep ya'll posted.

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