Using 3.5" HD drives on CP/M systems

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 06:05:00 2005

Pete Turnbull wrote:
>Hmm, maybe; maybe not. A Beeb enthusiast named John Kortink has
>produced an MMC interface for a BBC Micro. It's called GoMMC and it
>allows you to store files using a normal BBC filing system on a
>MultiMedia Card.

I think the MMC interface is the simplest you can find for mass storage.
I wrote some code to talk to one on a PIC 18F and added enough code to
write files to a preformatted fat-16 file system. it wasn't that hard.

if you can do it on a pic a z80 should also be possible.

USB on the other hand, especially usb disk, could easily exhaust the
memory space of a z80. i'm sure it coud be done but it would take a lot
of code (and time).

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