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From: woodelf <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 12:58:09 2005

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>On Fri, 28 Jan 2005, Tom Jennings wrote:
>In full knowledge that this will only prolong YAIOT10YRD (Yet Another
>Iteration of the 10 Year Rule Discussion) how about we say the rule is
>anything 10 years or older, unless it comes from Microsoft, in which case
>it must be 20 years or older?
>It already allows DOS, and excludes Windows 3.0 until about 2010, which is
>about when I may even start feeling nostalgic about it.
Why not just forget the 10 year rule altogether and just address the
problem of Microsoft/Mac/Linux
modern products. You need two lists soon -- classic computers ( blinking
lights) and classic 8 bit cpu's ( ie - cp/M)
and modern classic computers ... 386's +.
PS. or just two lists ... stuff with binking lights and junk with out. :)
stuff: junk we keep. junk: stuff we toss out.
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