Replacing 8" drive with 3.5" drive on CP/M systems

From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Sat Jan 29 18:11:35 2005

I have tried to get a quorum on comp.os.cpm but there are only a few with
any opinions.

We all agree that 3.5" drives are a viable way to go. Many prefer to never
change from 8" drives.

I have a variety of CP/M systems with a variety of storage mediums.

The point is for those of us that use 3.5" HD drives should try and come to
a consensus for a "standardized" format.

Questions such as sector size and numbering come to mind.

With more PC's dropping 3.5" drives does that mean there will be a limit to
new drives all together?

Are USB drives a reasonable option.

I've been using Flash ROM cards and I am hoping to come up with a scheme for
sharing data with PC's. I like Flash cards since digital cameras should
help support continue on PC's.

I'm also looking into IDE based CD/DVD drives but they are a one way road
since I do not believe CP/M systems will ever write them.

I am trying to build a quorum of technically minded CP/M users to try and
develop a semi-standard and other ideas.

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