Altair8800 'kit' - can you identify this stuff?

From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 14:47:10 2005

From: "Herb Johnson" <>
> From: "William Layer" <>
> >> Thanks for the info so far.. here are the ugly details on the 'kit'..
> [details on the SD System S-100 card set in an Altair 8800 chassis,
> with assorted other cards]
> "Randy McLaughlin" posted:
> Herb Johnson has some great stuff on your disk controller you need to get:
> -----------------------
> Thanks for the referral, Randy. In fact I have manuals on most of the
> cards that William mentioned, and I've emailed William accordingly. As
> Randy posted, it looks to me like there is not much left of the Altair, in
> the Altair! The SD System stuff probably ran the CP/M or SDOS system on
> those disks with that system. It would be reasonable, in fact, to get
> *another* S-100 box and put those SD System cards in THAT; and to see
> about rebuilding the remaining, actual MITS cards and the MITS chassis
> seperately. The MITS might need a very old memory card to work with that
> 8080 processor and front panel, due to some bus differences.
> But it's all in what the new owner wants to do and what resources he
> obtains to do so.
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Herb I just mentioned you and your service in another post about an MDS
system but I forgot to mention you have hardware/software/docs for some
Intel systems and may want to respond to that thread.

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