Using an IBM PCjr wireless keyboard

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 15:24:42 2005

> > It took me a while to discover WHY the original PCjr keyboard used rubber
> keys:
> > It was so the complete newbie could use thin cardboard "overlays" that
> . . .
> Could also be because a chicklet keyboard (membrane type) is allot cheaper
> to make then a normal IBM keyboard with mechanical switches (of that
> period).

And also because the PCJr keyboard will withstand significant levels of
abuse. It is not waterproof nor submersible (in stock form), but it can
survive most splashes and spills.

If you want to build hardware to use it on a PC, you could simply use a
Jr, and connect THAT to the PC. Old, used, PCJr's are the cheapest source
for the hardware needed to interface a Jr keyboard to anything else.

In terms of the "line of sight" issue,...
fresh batteries are essential. But connecting a cord (RJ11, but does it
need a twist?) turns the Jr keyboard into a corded keyboard.

Many years ago, during the great "how many buttons should a mouse have?"
(HMBSAMH) debate, we used velcro to attach a Jr keyboard on top of a

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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