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From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 16:43:51 2005

You wrote...
> Yeah! And what about DesQviewX? Huh, Huh????
Desqview is clearly on-topic, see my previous post :>

> Data point 1: I've never seen any opposition to discussion of SGI O2s,
> for example, even though they're several years short of the 10-year rule.
Because they fit the definition I gave (or more specifically, that the
dictionary gave). They are generally considered classic :)

> Data point 2: I've never seen any discussion of MS Windows of *any*
> version survive more than a day or so. Well, not since Mr. Erlacher
> unsubbed.
True, I have a lot of faith in the self-policing nature of the people here
:> And as an alternate datapointOfView, Mr. Erlacher did have some good
input at times!

I left out in my previous definition of "classic", the second word of the
list name - "Computing". So classic cars are not on-topic. Unless you want
to discuss interfacing an 11/40 to the engine, or the oddball microprocessor
in the car that is no longer in common use ;)

Jay West
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