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From: Jim Leonard <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 19:30:07 2005

der Mouse wrote:
>>PDF is great for [its] intended purpose: Creating portable documents
>>that can be viewed and printed regardless of the resolution of the
>>output device.
> But not really any different from PostScript in that regard. At least
> not if you think of the Document Structuring Conventions as mandatory.
>>A PDF I create with vector line art looks great on my 10-yr-old 300
>>DPI postscript printer, but on a 1200 DPI printer of today it is
> And a PostScript file ditto, ditto.

Yes, but how many windows users do you know that can view or print PS files?

At least with PDF I know that 1. people can view it, and 2. people can print it
without PS printers and not have it look like crap (line primitives are
converter to line primitives, NOT rasterized like ghostscript does).
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