Reading RX01/02 disks on a PC

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 19:35:35 2005

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Al Kossow wrote:

> > Works very nicely
> Assuming there are no bad blocks on the floppy

Right. That was other thing that I was going to ask about. Is there a
way to tell the COPY command to not fail on errors? Is there a better
command than COPY to use to move files over?

> A Catweazel board in a PC will read DEC double density discs as well
> although I've not been very impressed with abilities of the data
> separator code on double-density data.

I checked out the Catweazel recently and it's turned into much more than a
disk controller. That's not a bad thing, but at any rate, is the
software/drivers any good?

> I've had the best results recovering RX02 data using dual-wide QBus
> floppy controllers that have a 50 pin interface (Sigma Designs et. al.)
> and a Qume DT-8 drive.
> I run RT11 on a ZIP drive, read a bunch of images, and sneakernet the
> ZIP cart over to a system with E11 to dump the images.

Can you provide a few more details? I assume the ZIP drive is running off
a SCSI interface? How do you make the RX02 images under RT11: what
utility do you use?

I'm assuming since I can't find anything about subdirectories on RT11 that
they don't exist?

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