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From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 20:52:05 2005

From: "Eric Smith" <>
> Randy wrote:
> > I don't agree, Adobe needs to make some improvements. One I really want
> > is compressed files. Other formats have great compression ratios when
> > compared to PDF's. I post PDF's because that is the defacto standard
> > I want something that lets me post more on my site without costing me
> Huh? PDF supports G4 fax compression and the newer JBIG compression
> algorithms, which until very recently (with the advent of JBIG2) were
> the to highest-compression lossless bilevel algorithms publicly available.
> I stick to G4 because it's not encumbered by patents, but JBIG can
> compress about 5-10% better.
> For continuous-tone images, PDF supports JPEG compression and a few other
> types.
> What formats are you claiming have better compression than PDF?
> Eric

DjVu has a hugely more efficient scheme for their files, DjVu files of the
same document are a fraction of the size of PDF's.

I don't want to switch to DjVu, partly of the legal tug of war going on with
it, partly because I already bought Adobes Acrobat, partly over the fact it
would confuse too many users unfamiliar with it.

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