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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Mon Jan 31 00:25:03 2005

>> - at least until they get DRM pushed into printers,
> Done! Most recent HP drivers for their scanners prevent copying of
> newer US$20 bills. Tosses you to an anti-counterfeit website!
> Windows of course.

As long as the interface is documented enough for open-source support,
and the bugs aren't in the scanner itself, I'm fine with that.

> Color laser printers output a serial number indicator of some sort by
> a near-invisible pattern of yellow pixels overlaying the printed
> image. I imagine it's not 100% reliable but apparently it's been in
> place for some time.

> It sounds like tin-foil-hat black-helicopter stuff, but I found
> multiple stories about it online in places like The Standard.

If I caught my printer doing that, I would tell them to fix it. If
they tried to claim it was a feature, or otherwise refused, I'd return
it and find a printer that printed what - and nothing but what - it was
given to print.

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