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From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 12:46:44 2005


> On Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Jim Leonard wrote:
> >> modified - at least until they get DRM pushed into printers, and given
> Done! Most recent HP drivers for their scanners prevent copying of
> newer US$20 bills. Tosses you to an anti-counterfeit website!
> Windows of course.
> Color laser printers output a serial number indicator of some sort
> by a near-invisible pattern of yellow pixels overlaying the
> printed image. I imagine it's not 100% reliable but apparently
> it's been in place for some time.
> It sounds like tin-foil-hat black-helicopter stuff, but I found
> multiple stories about it online in places like The Standard.

Seems like going about things the wrong way to me. Here in the UK
when high quality laser printers came out they added a security metal
strip to the paper in the bills and changed the pattern and colours
of ink used for ones which are pretty much impossible to copy
accurately. All new printer designs are tested by the Treasury to see
if the technology has advanced enough to make good copies.

In our firm with a weekly cash turnover of over $1 million we used to
get a few forgeries, but they were easy to spot.

(Are your bills still all the same size, or have you copied everyone
else and made the larger dominations bigger to stop people bleaching
small bills to print big ones?)

Stan Barr
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