Forth was Re: The definition of On Topic

From: Lawrence Wilkinson <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 13:34:13 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 12:19, Huw Davies wrote:

> No why did you have to post this :-)
> I'd just decided to buy a new Golf Turbo Diesel and now you tell me if
> I spend about $60K more I can
> get a car that runs Forth.....

I suppose it's just as well I never mentioned that the McLaren F1 road
car runs the same system :-)

In fact the Elise /can/ be used as a general-purpose Forth system, as
the debug port (suitably encrypted) is just a Forth command-line - it
has the standard vocabulary and a bit of free memory to do your own

I can't remember how the debug port works, so don't bother asking!
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Lawrence Wilkinson                       
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