Newbrain Display

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 13:52:27 2005

> Near to the Nec FIP display in the Newbrain computer there is a little
> circuit with a componet with 10 pins where you can read:
> 27
> CD-1867N
> Somebody know what is this component? I think it is used to control
> voltage
> supplied to de display.

If it's a small circuit board, it's probably a DC-DC converter (or a
DC-AC inverter, if the display needs AC). Many Ethernet cards used to
use a TDK CE2054 DC-DC converter to produce isolated 9V DC from 5V DC in
I've got big pile of surplus ones, and the data sheet *used* to be on line,
but I can't find the copy I downloaded and now it's no longer on their web

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