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From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 18:42:12 2005

Gordon JC Pearce declared on Monday 31 January 2005 07:05 pm:
> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > I realize they may or may not have been spoken in jest, and in any
> > event you certainly have a right to utter them, but in this day and
> > age, all it takes is one person to finally get fed up with your
> > nonsensical rants and report you to the FBI or DHS (Department of
> > Homeland Security), in which case you would probably end up at
> > Guantanmo Bay, and if you're lucky you'll be the guy at the top of
> > the pyramid.
> That does rather assume that he's in the United Soviet States of
> America...

For those who haven't payed attention to his threads about this before,
he lives in California, which, last I checked, is still a part of the
US. :)

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