Reading RX01/02 disks on a PC

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Date: Mon Jan 31 19:49:24 2005

> So far (thanks to help from Howard Harte) I've got an 11/44 with an RX02
> drive running RSTS that has the DD module loaded. I'm running the serial
> tape drive simulator on a PC (I forget what it's called or who wrote it).

Install RT-11 or BSD2.11 with TCP/IP network via Ethernet (DEUNA or DELUA)
and you can just FTP image files in and out of the machine.

> Can a PDP11 have two sets of RX02 drives installed at once? If so, do th

> second set of drives become DY2: and DY3:?

Yes, you can, but the second pair will be at a different CSR/vector that
you have to configure. In order to get RSTS/E to see it, you'll probably
have to put them where it'll autoconfigure it.

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