does anybody remember who was building generic front panels.

From: woodelf <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 21:05:18 2005

vrs wrote:

>Or to the "Homebrew PDP-11 console" at
> Vince
That was the link I was looking for, thanks. I was hoping he had more on
the panel
rather than the interface to it. Note the PDP-8 front panel/emulator is
nice. Note most
of my lurking here is for information about classic computers so I can
build my own special
cpu since a real classic computers or out of my price range. I was
hoping for a PCB
of the 11's led and switch board so I don't have to home brew my own. I
guess I'll need
also now to download this front panel designer program from here:
Now is there a need for 8's and 11's front panels ( or other classics )
from classic computer
users? Woodelf.
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