does anybody remember who was building generic front panels.

From: vrs <>
Date: Mon Jan 31 23:50:32 2005

> Henk's project is the guts behind it, not so much the metalwork. What
> I need to do is find a cheap source of suitable switches - I have a
> pair of board sets (2 CPU, 2 I/O) and most of the guts to populate
> them at home already (some of the parts are surplus from a failed
> Commodore dealer, making it _doubly_ classic ;-) Between this front
> panel stuff, and a couple of modern Elf projects (Elf2K and
> Micro/Elf), I am going to be hitting local hamfests hard for
> appropriate toggle switches. I have a wad of C&K paddle switches, but
> they aren't right for either of the Elf designs (I _could_ use them on
> a custom -8 or -11 FP, but the particular C&K switches I have are
> might narrow, narrower than the ones used on the FP6120, so they will
> look funny on a 19"-wide FP).

The switches do seem to be the hard part. Mostly the stuff that is
available is smaller then the old stuff.

> If I had a source of genuine DEC PDP-8/L toggles, I do have a dead
> -8/L FP board (that came to me with smashed lights and missing plastic
> toggles)...

I was looking for 8/L (or 8/e) stuff, but couldn't find anything close. I
did find some 8/i style rockers, but although they will fit the PCB of an
8/i front panel, the rocker arm is quite a bit smaller than the ones used on
the 8/i.

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