CLASSICCMP digest 99

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Jul 1 18:58:50 1997

In message <> writes:
> >> I've seen a couple of posts in here that declare, in very firm terms
> >> indeed, that machines like the MicroVAX and PDP's are not "home" computers.
> >
> > My PDP is a home computer. All it takes up is a table (I don't have a
> > rack yet. It's coming...) Besides, my XT is bigger than the PDP at the
> > moment (condidering keyboard, monitor, printer, and disks)

At one time I had a PDP8/e and a PDP11/44 _on my desk_. They were thus desktop
computers :-). The 11/44 is now elsewhere, since I now have the 8/e's
peripherals on my desk....
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